A more colorful summer in 2016

The Summer in 2016 will be very colorful once again. The predominant colors are orange, yellow, red, besides the traditional black and white. To make the right choice in stone accessories, choose the Yellow and Orange Calcites, Citrus, Imperial and Red Howlite, , Not forgetting  our beloved Moonstone.

For the purses, the trend is animal print such as  crocuses, snakes, arapaima scales, and ethnic prints in neutral and also warm colors such as orange, red and yellow.

Forget about  small and delicate accessories. In large summer shows for 2016 we notice big earrings, necklaces and many bracelets. Aren’t you ready for a radical change ?? Don’t worry, go slowly. Today a bigger necklace, tomorrow a more elaborate earring. So you won’t leave out your personality beside, but also won’t be out of fashion !!